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Used Car buying guide | Cornes Toyota

Are you looking to buy a used car ?

Well, we have stumbled over a lot of misinformation about buying a used car.

Many people believe that buying a used car means missing out on the warranty, which one gets with a new car; Well, that isn’t always the case.

There are a number of cars available that are not old and are still under warranty offers. Taking your time to find a car as per your requirements is important, so you get a great vehicle. And purchasing the right car can save your hard earned money.

The buying excitement can turn into an ordeal; because – buying a used car privately, does not guarantee the detailed checks to ensure it’s reliability. The choice of color and exterior is off course important, however the structural safety and mechanical reliability is of fundamental importance to a car.

Past service and maintenance history are important factors in the mileage of a car. Some owners don’t tend to service regularly as they should, and later sell their cars. These are the types of cars you need to try stay away from; which is a disadvantage in buying a car privately.

At Cornes Toyota, we offer used cars that are inspected and undergo 120 point safety check procedure.

And, all our used cars come with a 12-Month Protection and 24/7 Roadside Assistance plan.

Used Cars at Cornes are just great !

An overlooked aspect of owning a car is the regular maintenance and associated costs. We’ve got that covered as well, and offer fixed price servicing plans for your next used car.

And what’s more ? All our used cars come with a 7-Day Money back guarantee.

Another advantage of buying from us is that we also offer Trade-in and finance offers, to suit your requirements.

To know more about our used cars, please visit our website by clicking here 

Or, speak to one of our friendly staff members on 08 8272 1488 .  



* Note – All terms and offers on  used cars can change without prior notice, and please call us or visit our showroom to know more.




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